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RGB LED Controller

RGB LED Controller

【Product No】:GG-3CH5A-IR
【Product Name】:RGB LED Controller
【Product categories】:LED Controller

RGB LED Controller

RGB LED controller,dmx controller
with remote controller 

GG-3CH5A-IR DMX512, is more economical solution for RGB led lighting projects, the controller adapts high-speed micro-control programmable chips, MOSFET as final output, infrared control to set up the parameters, 256 grade of color grayscale. It can realize more animated functions

is mainly used in the dimmer and flash control of RGB lamp with common anode of LED lamps under low voltage. It uses infrared remote controller to control the parameters of mode, speed, and brightness and so on. It has 20 kinds of animation led flash mode inside, ten speed and brightness control mode.

The infrared remote controller work in low radiation, and has strong anti-jamming capacity and easy to adjust parameters.

Working Voltage: DC12V-24V
Output Current: 5A/CH. Or 10A
Color Grayscale:: 6536 grade
Output Power: 180W-360W
Remote controller: 25 buttons
Extended Power: Power Amplifier
Animation kinds: 31 kinds
Power Failure Moery: 40 Years(speed,color,mode)
Load Type: 3 channel RGB lights with common anode.
Unit size:93x47x22mm


Animation mode:

  1. Three colors jumps to change
  2. seven colors jumps to change,
  3. red color jumps to change,
  4. green color jumps to change
  5. blue color jumps to change,
  6. cyan color jumps to change,
  7. yellow color jumps to change
  8. purple color jumps to change
  9. white color jumps to change
  10. seven colors gradually change
  11. red-green gradually change
  12. red-blue gradually change
  13. green-blue gradually change
  14. red color gradually change
  15. green color gradually changer
  16. blue color gradually change
  17. yellow color gradually change
  18. purple color gradually change
  19. cyan color gradually change
  20. loop change

and so on.


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