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Full color RGB LED controller with remote controller

Full color RGB LED controller with remote controller

【Product No】:YM-G2048B
【Product Name】:Full color RGB LED controller with remote controller
【Product categories】:LED Controller

Full color RGB LED controller with remote controller

Single LED controller with IR remote panel

System Composition:
This led control system is composed of Three parts:
1.Single LED controller - prive 2 channels for data output, which is used to manager  2048 pixels
2.Smart remote controller- by infrared technic and controller communication, achieve remote control.
3.LED lighting control software-- Edit the display effects users need, and transfer to SD card.

Specification and Parameters:

1.With built-in flash memory, the controller can copy data from SD card to flash memory automatically, so it can work without SD card after the data copied.
2. Perfect compatible with DMX512(1990) international standard protocol.
3. More control functions: it can control various normal drive IC lights, and or various customized drive IC lights.
3. High speed photoelectric isolated signal input and output, to ensure the control system safety.
4. Control system realize RGB 256 scales per color, can make more than 16.7M kinds color
5. Project setting agility: realize adjust the brightness and speed separately.
6. Each controller can output one ports, each ports can control 1024(R1024B)/2048(G2048B) pixels
7. Customized software: easy to setup the lighting project system. Create lighting data by various methods. Refresh data fast.
8. System failure self-repair function.
9. Accord with EMC electromagnetism compatibility, good anti-jamming capacity.


Project Application:

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