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 LED 控制器 >> Wireless Synchronous LED Control System

 Item No:  YM-MHW601A
 Product Name  Wireless Synchronous LED Control System

The synchronous LED Wireless control system  is easy to operate with unique performance. Suitable for Large-Size project, especially for several buildings at same time. Multiple master controllers can work SYN(synchronously)under wireless control.  Adopting by the latest control technology in the global, LED Wireless controller has lots of advantages: super loading data capacity, freedom and easy to wiring, compatible with various normal LED drive IC and various and customized drive IC. The wireless control system can controller all LED screen products and other LED products, such as digital tube, pixel matrix, high power light.

System Composition:
This controller system is composed by three parts:
1.YM-MHW601A, as master controller --with TWO output ports, port A can control 1-32 pieces of slave controller(YM-SVE4X512) , and port B is connected to 32-1 slave controller reversed.
2.YM-SVE4X512, as Slave controller--with 4 output port, each port can control 512 pixels, totally 2048 pixels.
3.LED lighting control software-- Edit the program users need, and transfer to SD card.

Specification and Parameters:

1.Can set the date and time of program, such as holiday or weekday, and time.
2.Can connect with DMX console, to shift the program in real-time.
3.Using wireless technology, achieve multiple master controller working SYN. Adjust the sending master to change the all the project speed and program. The semi diameter of sending controller is 2.5km.
4.Master-slaver distribution: excellent adjustability to various projects, easy to operate.
5.Super load capacity: compatible with high speed SD card. Maximum control pixels is 65536(equivalent 8192m of 8 segments digital tube). It can control more than100,000 pixels by multi-master controller connection
6.More control functions: it can control various normal drive IC lights, and or various customized drive IC lights. Compatible with DMX 512.
7.Electric isolation avoid noise: Master and slaver controller are isolated, but also between the slavers re isolated. It can be anti-static, lightning proof.
8.er remote transmission: Adopting by the patent technology of data transmission, the system allow ore than 100m between master controllers, between slaver controller, or between the master and laver controllers(tested distance is 300m).

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