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 LED 控制器 >> Online full color led control system

 Item No:  YM-H803TV
 Product Name  Online full color led control system

 Online full color led control system

YM-H803TV is the master controller of the On-line control system. It have 4 output ports, each output port can control 100,000 pixels MAX and can drive 255pcs of YM-H801RA MAX, the slaver led controller, Each Master controller can control 400,000pixels max. Under our own software LEDStudio, customers can realize many display effects, can play text, picture and video.

YM-H803TV can work with computer via DVI(HDMI) port and USB port, also the system can be connected DVD player directly via DVI(HDMI) port after setting all the parameters through computer. 

System Composition:
This led control system is composed of THREE parts:
1. Master LED controller – YM-H803TV(sending card) provide 4 ports for data output.
2. Slaver LED controller - YM-H801RA, has four output ports, each slaver can control 3,412 pixel lights Max.
3. LEDStudio—Installed on computer, program display effects of lights, send data to Master controller (YM-H803TV) via PC to Slaver Controller(YM-H801RA) , then playback display effects to led pixel lights. It only support Windows OS, not support MAC.



1.Master LED controller – YM-H803TV(sending card)  provide 4 ports for data output, can control 400,000pixels max. Customer can use DVI video splitter if his project is more than 400,000pixels, so many masters can work at same time to extend loading capacity to reach several millions pixels.

2.YM-H803TV can work with computer via DVI(HDMI) port and USB port, also the system can be connected DVD player directly via DVI(HDMI) port after setting all the parameters through computer. 

3.Signal transmission is adapted with standard Ethernet protocols. The cable can be 100 meters between master and slaver, or slaver to slaver. 

4.More control functions: it can control various normal drive IC lights, and or various customized drive IC lights.

5.User can adjust the grey level from 1 to 65536, according to the display situation, adjust the scan clock speed from 100K to 50MHz, adjust the contrast according to the display situation. R,G,B brightness can be adjusted individually from 0 to 100. Refresh rate is adjustable from 60Hz to 3000 Hz. 

6.Perfect compatible with DMX512(1990) international standard protocol.  Accord with EMC electromagnetism compatibility, good anti-jamming capacity.


Specification and Parameter:

 Item Number
YM-H801TV( Master)
Working Voltage
AC110 / AC220V
AC110 / AC220V
Load Capacity
4x255 pcs of YM-H801RA
3,412 pixels/pc
R, G, B each 256levels
R, G, B each 256levels
-30 – 70  ℃
-30 – 70  ℃
Unit Size      
L190 x W105 x H44 mm
  Drive IC
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